The Spirit/Sozo fund was established by Christine Westfeldt in honor of her beloved dogs Spirit and Sozo who both benefited from our services at home. This fund is for helping those pets who cannot afford our services but are in desperate need of home care at the end of their lives.



if you would like to contribute call us at (828)707-4231 use the PayPal link below:

Those who have benefited from the Spirit/Sozo fund:

On January 16, 2016 we made the difficult decision to end our beautiful German Shepherd, Ranger’s pain and suffer by letting him go.  We wanted him to be in his own environment….surrounded by everything he had always known.  We called on Friday and let them know we were ready.  Dr. Beth agreed to come on Saturday morning.  She arrived and we let him outside.  I was immediately put at ease by her kindness and compassion.  She loved on him with us, assured us that we were making the right decision after she had examined him.  She was so gentle and loving with him, and compassionate and understanding with us.  We were getting ready to move due to a family emergency and money was tight.  She was so kind in allowing us to pay her the following month.  Her true concern was in relieving his pain.  After we moved we made several payments, and then a couple of days ago we received a wonderful card from her thanking us for our payments and letting us know that our balance had been taken care of by a fund.  What incredible kindness all the way around!  She made a horrible day bearable.  We will forever be in debt to her and 4 Paws Farewell. What a wonderful service to provide!

With our deepest respect and gratitude,

Robert and Beth Hughes