Pet Aftercare in Asheville, North Carolina

Choices for pet aftercare include home burial, burial at a location other than your home, communal or individual cremation.

Home Burial:

You can bury your pet at home according with local town ordinances. It is recommended your pet be buried at a depth of four feet away from any water sources or drainage.


Transportation for crematory services will be provided by 4 Paws Farewell free of charge. It is not necessary to arrange for cremation prior to your home euthanasia appointment. Payment for both cremation and home euthanasia is due at the time of service.

Communal Cremation:

Pets cremated communally have their ashes scattered in a memorial garden at Peaceful Paws Pet Cremations. Pictures of the memorial garden at Peaceful Paws are depicted below.

Private Cremation:

Ashes of pets who are cremated individually are returned after the cremation process. Pet ashes are available in approximately two weeks after your home euthanasia visit.

Ashes are returned in the wooden urn below