Praise for 4 Paws Farewell

Dr. Beth et al,

I’ve been thinking for two days about my profound gratitude for how all of your folks handled Sofie’s transition. Your compassion in handling communications with me … your responsiveness, even though my first reach-out was over a holiday weekend … details expressed in a clear and easy to comprehend manner in the face of my obvious distress … a general deep and wide thanks to all of you.

Dr. Beth, I do not seem to be able to find big and clear enough words that can actually express my gratitude to you for attending Sofie’s flight. You were so gentle, caring, and full of compassion that Sofie (who has spent so many years hiding from visitors to our home) hardly moved when you arrived and seemed to take in all of the proceedings with such clear, calm acceptance and even understanding.

I am so thankful also for your clarity and honesty about what you were seeing in Sofie, which gave me greater peace about my decision … for carefully and patiently talking through how you would proceed, even though I have danced these poignant moments many times before … for both taking and giving time for all to unfold without any urgency … then for giving me generous space after Sofie flew to sit with her little body and her beautiful spirit, until I felt time was right to let go.

And her paw print is just perfect, complete with her claw marks! I SO love her paws …

My gratitude is boundless. So much love and such deep respect I have in my heart for you and for the incredible support you provide to the Asheville community.

My heartfelt blessings,

Dr. Cat, Dr. Beth, and Kelly,

Even as my heart breaks at the loss of my Charlie Tuna, I want to take a moment to thank you for making his last days easier. Charlie Tuna had trauma from 14 years of surgery, overnight stays, and more vet visits than I can count. He would shake so hard when he would have to go to the vet, I felt horrible. After getting pancreatitis right after a visit, I knew something had to change.This is when I put him on your waitlist for Hospice Care. After a couple of months, I got the call. You had an opening. I knew of your reputation but not of the service that you would provide to him and ultimately me in the end. Immediately, Dr. Cat’s gentleness with him during the home visit put him at ease. Then the emails started, “How is Charlie Tuna?”. Such a simple thing but such a big thing! Regularly checking on him, caring about him, whether we needed anything. Kelly, you made sure he got everything he needed. The level of service was unlike nothing I’ve experienced. I only wish that all of humanity got this level of care for their health needs. When the time came, I got a call back from Dr. Cat and you rushed Dr. Beth and Kelly to help me make the decision. They were wonderful. You gave us as much time as we needed alone to say goodbye to Charlie Tuna. I held him for his last breath as I promised him. He didn’t die scared in a vet office but at home with the family he loved. Your support afterwards kept coming afterwards with texts and a card. I am forever grateful for all of you and your practice. I have attached a picture of my little guy.

Lorie Boehm

Fear, anxiety, rudderless. Our family experienced these emotions and feelings when we had two senior dogs struggling with mobility. Both were large breeds who could no longer get in cars on their own, making traditional vet visits not only challenging, but essentially impossible without all 3 adult family members available.

That’s when the magic of 4PawsFarewell entered our lives. This was 2018, and sadly while they weren’t involved long with the more critical of our two senior boys, they did introduce us to toe grips! This cutie pie, Max, who was frequently wetting himself due to inability to lift himself off the hardwood, regained his autonomy until the morning he passed peacefully in his sleep at my feet.

For the next two years they remained involved with our, at the time, 9 y.o. Great Dane. Initially he was a well dog except for more extreme mobility challenges such as climbing into an SUV. We knew however we would not be doing any invasive procedures or advanced diagnostics at his age.

4PawsFarewell was beyond amazing. They were so responsive and excited to come in early for long term prevention and palliative. Under their skilled, patient, intuitive care they took a downwardly mobile male Great Dane already past his life expectancy at nine, to 11.5 years!

The guidance provided by this team is exceptional! As a pet parent, you are never discouraged from seeking more advanced diagnostics. Instead, the likely diagnostic options are explained in detail, along with possible adverse reactions, and potential information provided by these procedures, with what options might be available based on
differing results.

Panicked hooman concerns sent via text or email are addressed incredibly fast. Communication is phenomenal in this team; a call, text, or email sent to one team member is seamlessly communicated to the entire team. Medication refills and delivery or pick-up is a dream. Nothing is complicated; this group bends over backwards to allow your job as caregiver to stay focused on the patient.

This very special group of practitioners, under the guidance of Dr. Beth Marchitelli , are applying a holistic patient- centric, whole household approach to palliative care. What they provide is the pinnacle of end of life care that we could only hope for our human relatives.

We count these wonderful ladies as friends and will be calling them in early for care of our remaining and future fur babies who already know and love them as much as we, their humans, do.

Daisy Roland LPN

We were devastated to learn that the end of Zoe’s beautiful life was ominously upon us. I could only reflect on our many adventures together & my promise to her, that I would be there always, even through the end of this life we have shared together. Over the last 14 years I gave her the best I could, and she gave her best to me. As a Therapy Dog she brought so many smiles to everyone she encountered, and was working, running 5k races, & hiking, even into her final weeks. There are no words to describe what Zoe had meant to me, & I knew I had to keep my promise.

Dr Marchitelli had been to our home before, to meet & help us say goodbye to our beloved cat, Lotus Henry. She remembered our home & details about our animals which meant so much in our time of sadness. Our pets loved her and she eased our pain with dignity, respect, & a shared genuine love of animals. Peacefully, my beautiful girl passed, surrounded in love, in her favorite spot, with her sisters being able to say goodbye. I was so very thankful for the opportunity to keep my promise to Zoe! And thankful for such a compassionate & loving service that we have found in 4 Paws Farewell! From our entire family, both 2 & 4 legged, we send Dr. Marchitelli love & warmest regards.

Leisa Young, Lynn Carlson, & the crew (Julip, Raya, Charlie, DJ Meow Mixx, & Willow)

Where are the words? They should be flowing as freely as my tears did over the past week.  I first met Dr. Beth on the day that I thought would be the last with my beloved companion, Missy, in whose big brown eyes my soul was reflected.  It turns out that was not to be the day for a final gift.

Missy came into my life in a little village in the Adirondacks where she’d been running around on the loose for a few weeks. She had finally allowed a kind-hearted lady to approach and bring her into a nearby office and it was pure kismet that I came to adopt this scared “Heinz 57” stray. I took her home following my meeting with that woman and, after a one-week introduction to something called “love,” we named the dog Missy. She has been a companion and devoted friend for the past seventeen years.

They say cats have nine lives – well, Missy had that and more. Over the years, as her arthritis advanced, discussions began turning towards simply providing comfort. Being new to the Asheville area, I first heard about Dr. Beth Marchitelli in our local media. I was drawn to this gifted woman who specialized in palliative and end-of-life care. We met for a “quality of life” consultation in the privacy of my own home and, through palliative treatments, got an additional six months’ time with Missy. During this trying yet somehow rewarding period Beth was there for us with unwavering support. For Missy she provided pain relief and enhanced mobility and for me, peace-of-mind.

As Dr. Beth explained, the very word “euthanasia” has Greek origins with “eu” meaning “good” and Thanatos meaning “death.” In other words, “an easy or happy death” free of anxiety and pain.

When Missy’s legs could no longer bear her weight, we knew it was time. Her peaceful passing took place in the comfort of my own home with nurturing soft light, warm candles, calming scents and soothing sounds. I had private time with Missy to express my gratitude and say good-bye. Dr. Beth lovingly and painlessly allowed her to pass away free from pain and with dignity intact.

Where are the words? In the end, I think there are no words that can fully express my gratitude for Dr. Beth Marchitelli, Kelly Carter and the entire staff of 4 Paws Farewell.

Kathy Seguin Benn

Dear Dr. Marchitelli,
We are most grateful to you for your kind and caring way of helping us to see our beloved black shepherd Lobo off on that homebound journey as he slipped his earthly bonds. It is a true gift to Lobo that by coming here to his familiar surroundings you could help him to feel so safe and to be lovingly surrounded by his human and canine family as he took his leave. Your warmth helped us to honor Lobo and to let him go, and
your gentle touch made his death a very peaceful one. It was a remarkable time of mixing smiles from delightful memories and tears from the sorrow of loss all together into a quiet, heart-warming leave-taking, a good ending to a really good dog’s life. We thank you for all that you did for Lobo, and for us.
Heide Catherina Coppotelli, Ph.D. and the rest of Lobo’s Pack

Dear Dr. Beth,
We are very happy to learn about the Sozo/Spirit Fund! I can’t imagine a better memorial gift than one that helps others who love their creature companions and want the most knowledgeable, loving and gentlest transitional care for them, when it is time. And, there is no one I would recommend to people who are helping their beloved creature companions through this time than Dr. Beth Marchitelli and 4 Paws Farewell. Her presence, skill, and services continue to be the soothing balm for the still powerful and difficult memories of the coming to a close of our time with our sweet Marley girl. Marley’s absence is still very loud in our lives, but we find great strength in knowing that Marley knew we did everything we could to keep her comfortable and enjoying her life for as long as we could. we were all happy to be able to just be at home together – no more trips to the vet! Marley was so welcoming of Dr. Beth’s presence and at ease with her care ~ and, we believe ~ grateful that her people had the practical and emotional support they needed, too!

We will always feel deep gratitude for the extraordinary kind, loving, gentle guidance and skillful services provided by Dr. Beth and 4 Paws Farewell, and want to share this gift with other families in their time of need. Please accept this donation to the Sozo/Spirit Fund in memory and honor of our dear sweet Marley.

Leslie Bennis & Charles Johnson

Dear Beth,

Thank you for the most extraordinary experience with Pudge. I have never seen anything more peaceful in my life. I know he was happy to see you, and was ready to leave this earth behind and the pain that went with it.

By the way, I remember when Pudge was rooting around in your bag, for what seemed like the longest time, but he was trying to bury the ball in the bottom of your bag, so you could find his gift to you later. His “Thank you” to you for his ultimate freedom, and we thank you too.

Julie & Bill

Dear Dr. Marchitelli,

We would like to thank you for your hospice care of our beloved 13 year old German Shepherd Dog, Bruno, which was followed by your compassionate handling of the euthanasia of him at our home. There were many difficult events you helped us with during the time leading up to his eventual release from pain.

Your exam of Bruno at our home was handled with loving care, and we appreciated your providing him with some different medication to help with his chronic ills. As we reached the decision to end his suffering, you stayed in constant contact, giving us advice, without intruding on our decision-making. The phone calls, e mails and visits were so valuable to us in this difficult time.

photo-5We are very grateful to you for helping us say goodbye to our Bruno at home, where he felt safe and loved. You gave us the opportunity to do this privately, which is important. Thank you for making Bruno comfortable and for explaining the euthanasia process before it took place. As Bruno’s “parents”, we were able to grieve openly at home. Your care extended to us past the day of Bruno’s release from this earth, and for that, we are also grateful.

Again, we say thank you for all the care and attention you provided to Bruno and to us. We have already mentioned you and your services to our vet and would recommend you to anyone who has a pet nearing the end of life on this earth.

Nancy Russell-Forsythe, Ph. D. & Greg Forsythe, Ph. D.

Our 12 year old Springer Spaniel, Bella, hated going to the vet’s office, even in the best of times. The day after Christmas last year, “it was time to do the right thing” by the dog we loved so much.
As she aged and congestive heart failure wore her down, we knew taking her to the vet’s office would be hard on us and harder on her. So we asked Dr. Marchitelli to drive 25 miles out to our house and, in front of the roaring wood stove with Bella on her favorite pillow and her head in my lap, Dr. Marchitelli put her into her slumber. Not scared or traumatized in any way, Bella calmly left our world. We appreciated very much Dr. Marchitelli’s professionalism and compassion. She sensed our need to “keep it light” and it was met.
RIP Bella July 1, 2000 – December 26, 2012

Thank you so much for your support last week. I have to stay that was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced and you were so good with my daughter Heather and her Baby Mokka Daze. She will be so missed but I am sure still running and playing with her friends that were recently taken too soon as well.
Karen Cates Herndon

Dear Dr. Marchitelli,
Thank you for helping me to be with my beloved Abbey at the time of her death. It was not something I had ever been encouraged to do before, and I am so grateful that you made it possible. Everything you did felt very gentle and kind for us both. Being able to share this last part of Abbey’s life in our own home meant a lot to us. You made a big difference at a difficult time. Again, thank you.
Marilyn Porter

Dr. Ballas came to my home and helped my cat Boris make his transition. She was so kind and compassionate. I could not have asked for a better person to help my beloved cat and me. Boris passed away quickly and peacefully on his bed. He was gone in what seemed like seconds. And I didn’t have to traumatize him by putting him in his carrier, driving him to the vet and having strangers handle him. We were both beside him, talking to him and petting him as he slipped away. Having lost many loved ones in my life, I only wish that there were a Dr. Ballas to help people die, too.
Mary Sesak