4 Paws Farewell’s Veterinary Team

Beth Marchitelli, DVM, MS

Dr. Marchitelli received her degree from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. Shortly after graduating from veterinary school, she practiced small animal medicine in Huntington, New York for ten years. She currently practices small animal medicine with a focus in veterinary hospice and palliative care in Asheville, North Carolina  and has done so for the last ten years, serving as the owner and medical director of 4 Paws Farewell. She completed a Masters of Science in Palliative Care in human medicine in 2019, to advance her knowledge and training in the areas of veterinary hospice, palliative care and euthanasia. She is especially interested in providing high quality compassionate care for pets during the end of their lives as well as the families who care for them.

When she is not caring for pets or their families she enjoys yoga and mountain biking with her husband and her two dogs in beautiful Western North Carolina.

Kelly Carter, RVT

Kelly started her calling to work in palliative care with humans. She moved back to
Asheville in 2000 to re-establish a relationship with her Grandparents. After reconnecting
with her grandparents, Kelly took care of them, in their home until they eventually moved
into hospice care. What a wonderful place, the John F. Keever Solice Center.

She wanted to be a part of hospice care.

Her love of animals took her to caring for sweet, beautiful, furry cats and dogs. Her
Registered Technician and Associates in Science Degree led her to the Animal Hospital of
North Asheville (AHNA). She became Senior Technician in Laboratory Procedures, Senior
Technician in Surgery and Head Nurse of Hospitalized Patients. She worked at AHNA for 8
years. Kelly’s nursing care of sick, elderly, and trauma patients impacted her life.
She wanted to be a part of hospice care.

Kelly and her family had the honor of being a main part of hospice care for Joel, her father.
They were the caretakers until his death, in the place he wanted to pass away, his yurts,
his HOME for 20 years, in Alaska.

Once again, she wanted to be a part of hospice care. She finally, found her place…4 Paws

“My passion is supportive care for the elder cats and dogs. Support is also needed for the
families who love and care for their elderly cats and dogs. They, the human family, are so
unsure, hurting when they call us for our services. I want to support them in their decision,
be it palliative support, hospice care, or euthanasia. It’s one of the hardest phone calls to
make. For me, there is no greater gift than that of relieving pain and suffering. To have the
relief, for any living being, to be at home, safe and comfortable…Amazing. I am honored to
be a part of 4 Paws Farewell. I am thankful every day for Dr. Beth Marchitelli.

Compassion, Love, and Peace. Those words always make me know…I am blessed to be a
part of 4 Paws Farewell.”

Kelly loves music and reading in her “little piece of paradise” …. Candler, North Carolina .
She shares a home with Simon, Juno, Biscuit, Luella, Rutabaga and Todd, her husband
and partner for 20 years.

Dr. Becky Rhoades

Dr. Becky Rhoades comes with over 30 years of experience working almost every aspect of animal sheltering from an animal control officer to executive director. She has dedicated her career to improving the welfare of animals. After graduating from Colorado State University in 1986, she practiced on horses and small animals on Oahu prior to working for Hawaiian Humane Society and Kauai Humane Society. In 2010, Dr. Becky returned to the mainland and worked for several animal welfare organizations in Texas and Florida before settling in Asheville to work with the ASPCA Spay Neuter Alliance. In 2021, she semi-retired and works part-time for 4 Paws Farewell to provide quality end of life services for family pets.

Dr. Catherine Ashe

Catherine Ashe has had a varied career in veterinary medicine. Graduating in 2008, she started working in emergency medicine and stayed in the field for almost 10 years, including 4 years at REACH (now MedVet) on Brevard Rd. She then transitioned into general practice, relief work, and freelance veterinary writing (you can find her articles in Dogster magazine, Whole Dog Journal, on Slate.com, and in several other outlets).

In 2016, Catherine’s son was born with a chromosomal disorder called trisomy 18. He was a patient of the pediatric advance care team in Asheville, a group specifically dedicated to working with medically complex children. As a result, Catherine became intimately familiar with palliative care in children. Catherine lost her son, James, at 5 months to complications of his disorder. She and her family were forced to make the difficult decision to withdraw life support. As a result of this tragedy, Catherine developed a special love of working with those facing quality and end-of-life decisions, whether it be human or their animal companions. She also helped enroll her beloved grandfather in hospice when he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She is a passionate advocate and believer in the nobility and importance of palliative and hospice care for both human and animals.

Dr Cat (as she’s known) was excited to join 4 Paws Farewell in May 2020 and already loves the work. Being with both animals and their guardians at the end of life is an honor and duty that she takes very seriously.

When not working, Catherine spends time with her 3 daughters, husband, and menagerie of pets. They like to camp in Western North Carolina. She enjoys reading, writing, and gardening.

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