zadok4In 2002, I visited Catman2 in (or near) Cashiers with my dog, Lily. My cat of 4 years had recently died of chronic renal failure.  Two weeks after her passing, my dog, Lily and I were still sulking around our apartment. I was paying a monthly fee for having 2 pets in my apartment so I decided we would not look for a replacement for O’Malley but a loving soul who needed to be rescued – as that would have been what she would have wanted. When I arrived at Catman2, I went into the cat room where I was swarmed by loving kittens and cats. I knew I wanted an adult. Then I saw him: a hulking black adult cat in the center cage who had his back turned to me. I asked Dr. Sims about him. His name was Handsome and he had been rescued moments before he was to have been euthanized, less than 24 hours before my arrival. Handsome looked over his left shoulder, right at me. I asked to hold him. He was about 14 lbs, a large short haired black cat with yellow eyes and a short tail. He held onto me as a baby without scratching me and tucked his head under my right ear, beneath my jaw. I knew he needed me. Dr. Sims allowed me to trade cat carriers as Handsome was much larger than my carrier could accommodate. He told me that he felt bad charging the fee because he’d not had time to take him to the vet. I paid anyway, to help other cats.zaddok He thanked me and asked why I’d picked him and I told him that it was because I needed him as much as he needed me. Dr. Sims let me know that he would go right back to that shelter and save another cat because of my donation. I changed his name to Zadok and until yesterday when he passed away he was my partner of 12 years. He and Lily were by my side when I bought my first house, adopted 2 more dogs and 2 more cats (because I had space in my new home), got married and had children. Lily passed away on December 26, 2014 and Zadok passed away on January 31, 2013. He had been sick for weeks. Treatments didn’t seem to help. A week ago we contacted Dr. Beth Marchetilli. When he refused to eat we knew it was time. Dr.Beth was accommodating. Zadok greeted her – stood to meet her (always a gentleman), knowing she was there to help. Moments before his passing, he drank water from the bathtub faucet (a favorite thing to do), listened to birds sing outside the open window of our bedroom alongside his feline housemates (and us), and felt our arms around him (mine & my partner’s)–the first time we’d been able to hold his cancer ridden body without him crying in pain for over a month. kaddok2I thank Dr. Sims for my handsome Zadok who was so empathetic, with whom I had such a strong soul connection, and want him to know that Zadok had a very happy, full life. I thank Dr. Beth for her compassion, empathy and understanding. Dr. Beth brought such peace to Zadok and we are so thankful. Most of all, I thank my darling Zadok for being by my side for 12 years when I laughed, cried, LOVED and lost. He is missed by me & our family. He is survived by his feline companions, Elsa & Viggo.

Wendolyn & Daniel Forbes