The Euthanasia Process

Our upmost priority is ensuring your pet has the most compassionate, loving and peaceful passing possible. We always give sedative medication first that is given via an injection under the skin just like when your pet receives a routine vaccination. This sedative includes pain medication to address any pain that may be present. Dogs and cats are typically fast asleep within 5-15 minutes. If you would like we can obtain a clay paw print at this time. Typically our patients are very comfortable at this point in time and do not react to their paws being handled. We will place a small pad at the back end of your pet to keep your pet clean and dry should any urine or feces be present after your pet has passed. Once we know that your pet is very comfortable and is in state of unconsciousness we will shave a small place on their paw to administer the injection that will allow them to pass away. We give this medication over two to five minutes. Most pets pass away very peacefully by the time we are finished giving this injection.