Our beloved cat Ollie died on August 31st, 2016. We are so grateful that he was able to die at home, outside with us in one of his favorite resting spots, and  in a very peaceful away. Beth carried out the euthanasia in the most caring and compassionate way.

Beth had been Ollie’s vet for several months, ever since his regular vet had determined that he was terminally ill with kidney disease. We had done all we could for him for a little over three months, including giving him subcutaneous fluids more frequently as his illness progressed. In the very last days he could not eat at all and was having convulsions so we knew it was time to put him down.

Watching him steadily waste away had been hard. At the same time, we were able to pamper him as much as possible and prepare ourselves for the end. We are also glad that he experienced his decline in a compressed time and with the best possible veterinary care.
Ollie was around 16 years old when he died. I was blessed with 15 years with him. He was originally from Maine and came with me when I moved to North Carolina with my husband, Lothar. Soon after we added to the family a ‘brother’ for Ollie, named Leo. After some adjustment, the two became fast friends. Ollie was really like an older brother to Leo, who is still a sweet kitten and not too wise to the ways of the world.

Ollie had been an indoor-outdoor cat in Maine. A couple years after I adopted him I learned that there was a large predatory weasel hunting down cats in our neighborhood.  I had to train Ollie to accept the harness and leash and go on ‘outings’ with me rather than go out on his own. He became very accustomed to the outings and we continued this custom here in North Carolina. It kept him safe – and took some pressure off the birds in our neighborhood.

Ollie so loved his outings. He was my regular companion as I dug and weeded in the garden but would go out in winter too. It was our daily ritual. Ollie’s illness was such that he was still very mobile and still enjoyed and sought out many of his favorite things – like our daily outings as well as general management and supervision of the household, which he was very good at! Leo also had time to adjust to Ollie’s gradual separation from him as he became more ill. Still, we could tell that Leo missed him terribly afterwards. We are all doing okay now.

Ollie, I so miss your cranky, froggy voice that always made me want to hug and kiss you. Good bye.