Live-on-in-glory-Kaiser-longWe, Nancy and I, are German Shepherd people, After our first two, Bruno and Zora left us, Kaiser and Titan both came to us via NC German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption in 2013. It was only 30 months ago, when he was 4 years and 11 months old, that he adopted me when I first met him with his foster down in a park in Charlotte. 30 months is far, far too short a time but he filled that time with enough love for a lifetime. He was canine mentor to our 4 year old Titan, German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption class of 2013 also. He was friend to Nancy. He was an extension of my soul, sent to me as a conduit mirror who we humans really are or ought to be. He rescued me, anchored my identity and secured my soul in a world so often in storm tossed flux that keeps the deck moving under my pre World War Two feet.

Kaiser-smWhen I was ill, he stood watch without having to be asked. When I needed peace and comfort, without being asked, he would come to me, sit by my right side, lean into me as I put my arm around those powerful and wonderfully velvet soft shoulders and while I stroked that golden
velvet on his deep thunder chamber chest, he would turn his head towards me, perhaps put it down on my leg and caress me with his gentle, always ready-to-love eyes.

I go into a sort of trance somehow to be reassured that he is ok. A vision dawns in my mind like sun rising behind a cloud bank hovering above a distant mountain range, and then, like the sun rising out of the cloud bank into the open blue sky, the vision fills my mind with a blessed brightness. He looks younger and is standing in a beautiful green and vital garden, inside an open ancient Greek style temple. My other departed canine companions and lost human friends are there but not in the foreground. The garden lies just beyond a silver stream I have come to through the forest, but somehow know I cannot cross. He has an aura of radiant vitality, he has a presence and clarity like a living super HD image on a horizon wide screen.

I know with all my being that this is neither dream nor fantasy, The most beautiful angel stands beside him and smiles as he smiles back. I feel from my guy Kaiser immense completion, joy and indescribable loving peace. The angel then reveals to me a golden cord that has always existed between his heart and ours. The angel then touches it lovingly. The cable comes alive and we know that we can continue to be one with Kaiser and always be in touch with him forever. He gives me that wonderful smile. His love gift, despite my waterfall of tears, gently lights a sacred, inextinguishable light in our souls. And as the vision recedes and I begin to move reluctantly back to my grief in my world, I realize: in Kaiser we had been visited for 30 months by an angel of light and love.

Live on in glory, Kaiser!