LeahGarden9-12Within minutes of our first phone contact, I knew I wanted Dr. Beth Marchitelli to be the person who would help Leah pass quietly and comfortably in her own home when the time finally came. The thought of cramming her into my small car for a sad and painful ride to our nearby Vet’s office did not feel right at all. I’d already said goodbye to three cats in that way since we all moved to NC from CO in 2007. I wanted something much more peaceful and calm for Leah, my crazy OCD ACD (Australian Cattle Dog) — my velcro shadow for 14 years.

Dr. Beth was so kind, responsive, and totally willing to come right over on that Saturday night, three days before Christmas. She gracefully and compassionately tended to all of us: Leah, me, and my two remaining cats. There was no rush, no stress, no judgment. Just absolute loving kindness in action. And even laughter!

I can not imagine doing this sort of work, let alone with the authentic, open-hearted generosity Dr. Beth embodies. But I am infinitely grateful that I was led to 4 Paws Farewell in time to help Leah pass in such a loving and gentle manner.

Laura Winzeler
Brevard, NC