Our dog Ginger was two months less than 17 years old when you came to help us on Saturday morning December 12, 2013.

Ginger---Living-Room---May-7-2011Ginger had been having trouble walking with her back legs and we had to help her up to move around and frequently be with her in the yard. Some days were good but others were difficult. She was having skin problems, and her appetite was going despite everything we tried. Finding something in which we could hide the pain meds was becoming almost impossible.

We had plans to invite you in just before Thanksgiving. Naturally Ginger perked up when our two daughters came home, and we met as a family and just could not do it.

However, by December things became worse and Ginger had that look like “I can stick around if you need me, but this is really getting rough.” We called and you came and helped us. You became friends right away with Ginger and explained to us what you would do and answered all of our questions. She left us in the best way possible.

We live up on a mountain top in the woods and she was always there looking out for us. She had plenty of woods and ran free. Maybe this and having a family to care for accounted for her long life.

We sent her on with photos and testimonials of all the times she barked at the bears and alerted us to someone coming up our long gravel drive. We are sad at losing a very close friend but we did everything in the best way possible thanks to you.

Our family appreciates all you did. You were there when we needed you and cannot thank you enough.

Bill Maloney