Fear, anxiety, rudderless. Our family experienced these emotions and feelings when we had two senior dogs struggling with mobility. Both were large breeds who could no longer get in cars on their own, making traditional vet visits not only challenging, but essentially impossible without all 3 adult family members available.

That’s when the magic of 4PawsFarewell entered our lives. This was 2018, and sadly while they weren’t involved long with the more critical of our two senior boys, they did introduce us to toe grips! This cutie pie, Max, who was frequently wetting himself due to inability to lift himself off the hardwood, regained his autonomy until the morning he
passed peacefully in his sleep at my feet.

For the next two years they remained involved with our, at the time, 9 y.o. Great Dane. Initially he was a well dog except for more extreme mobility challenges such as climbing into an SUV. We knew however we would not be doing any invasive procedures or advanced diagnostics at his age.

4PawsFarewell was beyond amazing. They were so responsive and excited to come in early for long term prevention and palliative. Under their skilled, patient, intuitive care they took a downwardly mobile male Great Dane already past his life expectancy at nine, to 11.5 years!

The guidance provided by this team is exceptional! As a pet parent, you are never discouraged from seeking more advanced diagnostics. Instead, the likely diagnostic options are explained in detail, along with possible adverse reactions, and potential information provided by these procedures, with what options might be available based on
differing results.

Panicked hooman concerns sent via text or email are addressed incredibly fast. Communication is phenomenal in this team; a call, text, or email sent to one team member is seamlessly communicated to the entire team. Medication refills and delivery or pick-up is a dream. Nothing is complicated; this group bends over backwards to allow your job as caregiver to stay focused on the patient.

This very special group of practitioners, under the guidance of Dr. Beth Marchitelli , are applying a holistic patient- centric, whole household approach to palliative care. What they provide is the pinnacle of end of life care that we could only hope for our human relatives.

We count these wonderful ladies as friends and will be calling them in early for care of our remaining and future fur babies who already know and love them as much as we, their humans, do.

Daisy Roland LPN

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