Our dog Ginger was two months less than 17 years old when you came to help us on Saturday morning December 12, 2013.

Ginger---Living-Room---May-7-2011Ginger had been having trouble walking with her back legs and we had to help her up to move around and frequently be with her in the yard. Some days were good but others were difficult. She was having skin problems, and her appetite was going despite everything we tried. Finding something in which we could hide the pain meds was becoming almost impossible.

We had plans to invite you in just before Thanksgiving. Naturally Ginger perked up when our two daughters came home, and we met as a family and just could not do it.

However, by December things became worse and Ginger had that look like “I can stick around if you need me, but this is really getting rough.” We called and you came and helped us. You became friends right away with Ginger and explained to us what you would do and answered all of our questions. She left us in the best way possible.

We live up on a mountain top in the woods and she was always there looking out for us. She had plenty of woods and ran free. Maybe this and having a family to care for accounted for her long life.

We sent her on with photos and testimonials of all the times she barked at the bears and alerted us to someone coming up our long gravel drive. We are sad at losing a very close friend but we did everything in the best way possible thanks to you.

Our family appreciates all you did. You were there when we needed you and cannot thank you enough.

Bill Maloney


zadok4In 2002, I visited Catman2 in (or near) Cashiers with my dog, Lily. My cat of 4 years had recently died of chronic renal failure.  Two weeks after her passing, my dog, Lily and I were still sulking around our apartment. I was paying a monthly fee for having 2 pets in my apartment so I decided we would not look for a replacement for O’Malley but a loving soul who needed to be rescued – as that would have been what she would have wanted. When I arrived at Catman2, I went into the cat room where I was swarmed by loving kittens and cats. I knew I wanted an adult. Then I saw him: a hulking black adult cat in the center cage who had his back turned to me. I asked Dr. Sims about him. His name was Handsome and he had been rescued moments before he was to have been euthanized, less than 24 hours before my arrival. Handsome looked over his left shoulder, right at me. I asked to hold him. He was about 14 lbs, a large short haired black cat with yellow eyes and a short tail. He held onto me as a baby without scratching me and tucked his head under my right ear, beneath my jaw. I knew he needed me. Dr. Sims allowed me to trade cat carriers as Handsome was much larger than my carrier could accommodate. He told me that he felt bad charging the fee because he’d not had time to take him to the vet. I paid anyway, to help other cats.zaddok He thanked me and asked why I’d picked him and I told him that it was because I needed him as much as he needed me. Dr. Sims let me know that he would go right back to that shelter and save another cat because of my donation. I changed his name to Zadok and until yesterday when he passed away he was my partner of 12 years. He and Lily were by my side when I bought my first house, adopted 2 more dogs and 2 more cats (because I had space in my new home), got married and had children. Lily passed away on December 26, 2014 and Zadok passed away on January 31, 2013. He had been sick for weeks. Treatments didn’t seem to help. A week ago we contacted Dr. Beth Marchetilli. When he refused to eat we knew it was time. Dr.Beth was accommodating. Zadok greeted her – stood to meet her (always a gentleman), knowing she was there to help. Moments before his passing, he drank water from the bathtub faucet (a favorite thing to do), listened to birds sing outside the open window of our bedroom alongside his feline housemates (and us), and felt our arms around him (mine & my partner’s)–the first time we’d been able to hold his cancer ridden body without him crying in pain for over a month. kaddok2I thank Dr. Sims for my handsome Zadok who was so empathetic, with whom I had such a strong soul connection, and want him to know that Zadok had a very happy, full life. I thank Dr. Beth for her compassion, empathy and understanding. Dr. Beth brought such peace to Zadok and we are so thankful. Most of all, I thank my darling Zadok for being by my side for 12 years when I laughed, cried, LOVED and lost. He is missed by me & our family. He is survived by his feline companions, Elsa & Viggo.

Wendolyn & Daniel Forbes



Thank you, Dr. Beth Marchitelli, for helping to transition our Lily Nadea into a peaceful death. Thank you for your compassion and empathy. Thank you for the swiftness in which you arrived to help her (and us). Thank you as well for the sympathy card as well as the pamphlet providing information about grieving which helped me and Dan with communicating Lily ‘s passing to our children. Attached are a few photos of our sweet girl taken throughout her life. Lily was my first dog. I had her with me for a month shy of 14 years (Jan.). I am so very grateful that she was not in pain nor was she alone when she passed. I attached photos taken throughout her time with us. I am so grateful to you for helping our sweet girl. Thank you so very much.lily2


Love from Pudge


Dear Beth,

Thank you for the most extraordinary experience with Pudge. I have never seen anything more peaceful in my life. I know he was happy to see you, and was ready to leave this earth behind and the pain that went with it.

By the way, I remember when Pudge was rooting around in your bag, for what seemed like the longest time, but he was trying to bury the ball in the bottom of your bag, so you could find his gift to you later. His “Thank you” to you for his ultimate freedom, and we thank you too.


Julie & Bill

Sweet Carson

Dr. Beth
Thank you for your kindness and loving care of my beloved Carson. He was glad to be able to make the trip across the rainbow bridge from his earthly home. We appreciate you making that possible. I appreciate your gentleness and soft touch and I know Carson was as well.

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.” –Anonymous-

With much gratitude and warm regards,

Vicki Walker


Hank had the most adorable goofy face and sweetest brown eyes, with huge goofy paws and personality to match, that instantly won over hearts and incited smiles and pets of affection from most everyone he encountered. But he wasn’t just ‘goofy’ – he was also, and more so, an extremely smart dog.

I had the privilege and joy of being his ‘human mom’ for two years, and there is no way to measure the depth and breadth of his impact on my life. He stole my heart the second I laid eyes on him and from that moment he was a constant friend and companion who, I’m sure, had no idea just how much love and joy he created in ou r lives. Hank was such a happy and content dog, so very well behaved, with a laid back disposition. He adored and was endlessly devoted to his ‘human dad’, and loved riding in the car with him (and later, the three of us) anywhere and everywhere. He had the funniest howl he’d sometimes do when William and I would stand in the kitchen hugging in the morning (or sometimes when he’d have to stay home alone), and Hank wanted to make it perfectly clear he didn’t appreciate the delay in having his breakfast served. Even his howl was goofy and he sounded like a cross between a foghorn and the canine version of Walter Matthau, and so he earned the nickname ‘Foghorn Frank’.

I can’t find the words to convey the impact of losing Hank and not having him here with us anymore. Both his presence in my life and the hole created by his loss were and are profound, and while I know I will eventually grow accustomed to his physical absence, the hole left by him no longer being here with us cannot be filled – I will forever miss his companionship and making me laugh, how he loved so unconditionally, and how he loved, loved, loved his ‘cookies’ after dinner. I will love and miss him for the rest of my life, will cherish and be grateful for all the wonderful days we had with him, grateful for all the sweet, treasured memories, grateful for the gift of the privilege of getting to be a part of his life, and the privilege of getting to love and give him joy as he gave to us.

These are three of my favorite pictures of Hank: one of him snoozing and sunbathing on the deck, one taken at the dog park – one of his favorite places, and one taken on ‘our’ honeymoon (the three of us) when we’d just arrived at our destination and he sat up from having been asleep in the backseat with a look similar to that of a child asking, ‘Are we there yet?? Are we??’.

Tori Towers – Hank’s ‘Momma’



Shady StatueFrom the moment we met you, we knew you were special. When we brought you home, you talked to us, followed us around the house and then snuggled up to us, purring to express your contentment. We were amazed at your playfulness and agility. When we approached a flight of stairs, you would race us to the top and you always won. You brightened so many moments of our day. Our time with you was precious and you taught us to slow down and enjoy the presence of the ones you love. Nothing will ever be the same without you, but we are deeply grateful for our time together. We’re not sure why we had to part ways so soon, but if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

Jessica and Kevin McGeehan

In Honor of Leah

LeahGarden9-12Within minutes of our first phone contact, I knew I wanted Dr. Beth Marchitelli to be the person who would help Leah pass quietly and comfortably in her own home when the time finally came. The thought of cramming her into my small car for a sad and painful ride to our nearby Vet’s office did not feel right at all. I’d already said goodbye to three cats in that way since we all moved to NC from CO in 2007. I wanted something much more peaceful and calm for Leah, my crazy OCD ACD (Australian Cattle Dog) — my velcro shadow for 14 years.

Dr. Beth was so kind, responsive, and totally willing to come right over on that Saturday night, three days before Christmas. She gracefully and compassionately tended to all of us: Leah, me, and my two remaining cats. There was no rush, no stress, no judgment. Just absolute loving kindness in action. And even laughter!

I can not imagine doing this sort of work, let alone with the authentic, open-hearted generosity Dr. Beth embodies. But I am infinitely grateful that I was led to 4 Paws Farewell in time to help Leah pass in such a loving and gentle manner.

Laura Winzeler
Brevard, NC

Abbey Porter




Abbey was a very special service dog who made a great difference in the life of her service partner, helping her to maintain a vibrant and independent life, year in, year out.  With great poise and presence, and always whole-heartedly, Abbey stepped forward to lead her partner into each day, each place, each errand, each visit, and each adventure, in the process making a great many friends for them both.  Memories of her, especially in her harness, will always bring an admiring and warm smile to all who are grateful to have known her.  She is deeply missed.

Sam my Son

SamMarch 13, 2013

Shared life lovingly with Michele and Doug Trusilo.