Pet Aftercare in Asheville, North Carolina

Choices for pet aftercare include home burial (in accordance with local ordinances), cremation or burial at a location other than your home. Transportation to the crematory will be provided by 4 Paws Farewell free of charge. If you wish to have your pet buried at a location other than your home, please contact Forever Faithful at (828) 281-0005.

Cremation services are provided by Forever Faithful Pet Memorial Gardens and Cremation Center, located in downtown Asheville.  Pets cremated communally have their ashes scattered at Forever Faithful’s memorial garden on St.Dunstan’s Road, located in Asheville. Individual cremation allows your pets ashes to be returned to you after the cremation process. Pet ashes are available ten to fourteen business days after your pet is transported to the crematory. Forever Faithful will contact you when your pets ashes are ready for retrieval at the Forever Faithful office, located at 110 Lyman Street, Asheville, NC 28801, in Asheville’s River Arts District. Alternatively, you can also pick up your pets ashes at your regular veterinarian’s office. For more information, including a selection of personalized urns please visit

For information on creating a personalized ceremony surrounding your pets passing, visit  Pet Honoring, LLC.