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Last night I had to let go of part of my heart…..My Dear Brogan spent 13 yrs with me ALWAYS Loving Me!!! There wasn’t a day that he was ever mad and me or never a day he talked back at me! It was ALWAYS TRUE LOVE ❤!!!

I was so very blessed to have all these years with him at my side…..but I know he is still there! As I write in his wonderful memory my tears flow many but deep in my heart I know it was time to set him FREE!!! As much of him that I could fit on me, he laid in my arms as the angels took him.

– Karen Smelter

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Flanagan, my 18-year-old kitty, had had kidney disease for several years, but there had been no precipitous deterioration in his behavior or symptoms since diagnosis 2 years before. Clinically, his numbers were not improving, of course, since...

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Why We Chose Hospice For Maya

by LISA JENNETT WOOD Maya…Our Great Pyrenees Princess I’d never had a dog as long as we had her. She lived in our home as a cherished member of our family. Maya was our baby! Read more about Maya and how her family chose 4 Paws Farewell on Lisa's blog!

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Our beloved cat Ollie died on August 31st, 2016. We are so grateful that he was able to die at home, outside with us in one of his favorite resting spots, and  in a very peaceful away. Beth carried out the euthanasia in the most caring and compassionate way. Beth had...

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